AT 2.0: Solo & SoBo

So, a few weeks ago, I decided to take advantage of a lull in the formation process of Support Public Lands, and attempt a solo southbound thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, beginning in August. My last run at this trail was in 2018.

image of SuperClassy at Springer Mountain image of SuperClassy at the old halfway point on the Appalachian Trail

After almost 1,900 miles walked from Flagg Mountain, the southern terminus of the Pinhoti National Recreation Trail, my hike ended near Kent, Connecticut: I contracted a massive, multi-strain bacterial infection in my foot that required forcible removal of my big toenail, and more than 3 weeks of antibiotics.

an image of SuperClassy at the northern terminus of the Pinhoti National Recreation Trail image of SuperClassy at the Welcome to Connecticut sign on the Appalachian Trail

Despite having been precipitated upon virtually every day for almost six months last time, I can’t wait to get back out there again! And even though I’m only missing the northernmost ~700 miles, I’m doing the whole thing over…. because OCD (as evidenced by our stubborn yet ill-advised choice to finish out the Maricopa Trail on round 2… in LATE MAY)

image of SuperClassy in full sun on the Maricopa Trail

I’ll be making vids every day on the AT this time, and posting them to my YT channel at least 3x / week. I also hope to get a blog post up here from time to time as well – I hope you’ll join me on this latest adventure!

And, in keeping with the recent trend of ‘officially’ declaring one’s intent to go walk in the woods for months, I actually made an announcement vid – my first ever.. check it out!

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