I’m Michelle Markel, founder of Support Public Lands, long-distance hiker, and full-time nomad. My trail name is SuperClassy, but if you know me, you know that apart from the fact that I always hike in a dress, ‘SuperClassy’ is about as ironic as calling a biker bar bouncer ‘Tiny.’

This is my personal site intended to be a gateway to my various social media accounts, blog with tips and trip reports, and showcase for my public lands and trail photography, some of which is available for purchase in a variety of formats on Etsy and Society6.

image of a sunrise on BLM land in central Arizona with an inversion layer and clouds 

All opinions shared here are my own and unaffiliated with Support Public Lands, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Stay tuned here, +/or join me on YouTube & Instagram to follow along on my next adventure.. I’m glad you’re here!

Image of an ecstatic SuperClassy at the Colorado - Wyoming border on the Continental Divide Trail

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